How Do You Approach User Training and Documentation for Website Management?

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We offer one hour of free training post-launch, after which we offer training at $100 per hour.

Two hours of post-launch training should be sufficient to give you the know-how to manage things like adding articles to your site.

Please note that we try to maintain a balance between managing the website and allowing you to manage it.

For security purposes, and to ensure your website doesn’t crash, some sections of your WordPress website will not be accessible to you. This ensures that you do not inadvertently break your website, necessitating the costly exercise of fixing it.

To work around this issue, we set up specific pages where you can edit things like contact details, including email addresses and phone numbers.

For more specific packages, like a WordPress website for restaurants, the client can edit things like menu items, prices, etc.

Each case is unique. We find that most clients think they’d like to edit their own websites, but soon give up.

In such a case, we offer management and content creation packages.

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