Unveiling Insights: Harnessing the Power of Website Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

We install Google Analytics to your website. You also have access to it. But we take it a step further with a handy, free tool that shows you if you're heading in the right direction.

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Get a Conversion-Focused WordPress website

Before you can gain valuable insights from analytics, you need a platform from where you can get data. This is why you need a conversion-focused WordPress website.

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“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”
– W. Edwards Deming

You must know

If you don’t know who visits your website and which pages they use, you won’t be able to make informed choices about which product or service you should push, or to whom you should push your product or service.

And if you don’t know what people expect when they land on your website, you can’t orient your business to what the market wants.

Google Analytics

That’s why it’s important to have analytics installed to your website.

We install Google Analytics for you using Google Tag Manager.

That way, it’s easy to keep your Google Analytics tracking code up to date, should Google make any changes that require attention.

In other words, you never have to worry that your website analytics will stop working, causing you to lose valuable analytics data geared towards helping you become more market oriented.

Full access

You have access to your Google Analytics account at all times, should you wish.

It’s your account, after all. So if you get an urge in the middle of the night to check your traffic, you’re welcome to do so.

But read on to see how you can view your website metrics without viewing your Google Analytics account.

Weekly report

Just having analytics installed won’t mean anything if you don’t check the data regularly.

But every so often you’ll forget to check your data; maybe you’ll never remember!

That’s why we send out a weekly report that brings together crucial data points in an email for you to scan.

You’ll see what brought website visitors to your website and which pages they used.

You’ll also see other data that’ll help you get a clearer picture of who your target market is.


There would be no point having Google Analytics installed with goals that make no sense to your business.

When we install Google Analytics to your website, it’s done with your goals in mind.

It’s not a pentagon level analytics installation, but it’s geared towards catering to your data needs.

You’ll get data that shows which keywords brought people to your website and which pages they visited, to name two aspects. (There’s far more.)

Easy to understand

If you have access to a boatload of data but trying to make sense of it makes you feel like a guppy swimming upstream, something’s wrong.

With a website package from us, your analytics report is easy to understand.


Your data will help you make better choices about the direction you want your marketing to go in.

You’ll quickly see what you need to see for you to make choices about your website’s future.

You may have had an idea in your head about selling more of a specific product, but your data shows that people are interested in something else.

That gives you the opportunity to decide whether you’ll keep pushing ahead with your agenda, or if you’ll change course to suit the market.

Website search

Your website comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

This is an incredible tool! It helps you see what people expect of your website.

Say for instance you sell blue licorice, and you’re pushing it hard by adding content that expounds on the wonderful benefits of eating blue licorice.

But people visiting your website keep searching for green-spotted salted vinegar chews.

This is a clear indication that people expect something else when they visit your website. This can be tackled in several ways. But now you know, and you can make an informed choice.


Not using analytics leaves you walking around in a dark forest. You don’t know what your website means to visitors, and you don’t know how it can be improved, if improvement is necessary.

That’s why you need analytics.

And that’s why we install Google Analytics to your website as part of your web design package.

But we don’t leave it there. You also receive a weekly analytics report that clearly indicates what brought people to your website, who those people are and which pages they used.

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