Starts at $20,000

Custom Software Development

Get snag-solving, burden-busting, stress-slaughtering, bottom-line-boosting custom software.

Our custom software solution will meet your EXACT needs PERFECTLY, will be delivered ON TIME, will SUBMIT to you, and will PRODUCE.

Software That Doesn't Take No for an Answer

If your current business software solution is anything but, don’t give up! You’ve not had us in your corner yet. Book a consultation. We’ll join your corner and give you the edge you need to get the upper hand.

The Tech

This is the tech we use to build your custom software solution with.

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Show Your Business Who's Boss

Just when you’ve got that insane business problem of yours in a rear naked choke, ready to tap out, it slips free, grabs you by the arm, and throws you Wing Chun style across the room, smashing you into the wall, leaving you gasping for breath.

That’s not the way this fight is supposed to go! Your clients and staff have put all their money on you, and now you’re being beaten by something that, were it human, it would be the equivalent of a drunk hobo with no arms???

No, you’re better than this. There’s a reason you’re in your position. You can’t let a little business hitch throw you around like a school bully beating up on a little girl!

Get up! Get up and shake off the debris (that wall is harder than it looks; your smashing into it broke it; you’re tougher than you look. There’s hope yet…)

We’ve got something for you. But it won’t just get you back into the fight and help you straggle to the last round.

Our custom software solution will provide you the kung fu you need to annihilate your business difficulties. You’ll be like Neo in the Matrix. Only smarter. And dressed better.

Read on to see why you should use Appstrax for your custom software dev.

The Features

These are the features and benefits you’ll get from our custom software development.

Your Software, Your Way

You might come across software providers who offer a “custom” software solution.

But what they actually do is slap together a grotesque Frankenstein’s Monster type software, all dollied up with makeup and held together with duct tape and old super glue.

It looks presentable at first, but when you apply pressure, the whole thing comes apart at the seams, leaving you with a rotting carcass.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your custom software solution truly is custom, and set up exactly the way you want it.

When you scale, the software solution scales with you. Your software is built to withstand high levels of heat and intense scrutiny.

Exact Spec

Before we open a code editor, we make sure we understand EXACTLY what you require.

This means we painstakingly going through your requirements with a fine-tooth comb.

By extension, that means we need to listen.

And that’s what we do.

With the discovery call you do most of the talking.

It might even be a good time for you to vent your frustration about that idea in your head you’ve not been able to bring to fruition, or your frustration with a specific issue you’re facing in your business.

We don’t mind. Like a psychologist listening to a frustrated patient, we’ll listen to you and assess your needs, making sure our prescription addresses your problem directly and offers precise relief, bringing with it the joy that accompanies the use of a fine piece of software.

There won’t be any toggles that shouldn’t be there, or buttons that have no use. Redundancy is removed completely, or kept to a bare minimum.

Phenomenal Support

You’ll comes across this when you venture into the world of custom software dev…

The custom software company’s sales pitch is off the charts, promising you nothing short of the sun in a handy carry bag.

The online reviews seem to convey a sense of awe.

But then you get the much-touted company to build your app and… poof… they’re gone.

You won’t find them even if you call from the president’s mobile phone.

They’ve got your money, so there’s no more use for you. Out you go, into the bin, like the leftovers from a piece of T-bone steak they sunk their teeth into and devoured until all that was left was a dry bone.

Appstrax makes it priority to look after our clients.

We’d much rather make you a happy client than go out to find more clients.

Our service HAS to be top notch; it benefits us as much as it does you.

It might sound self-centered, but even if it is, you benefit from it big time.

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