The top quality solutions that’ll help your business run smoother.

Custom Software Development

Get snag-solving, burden-busting, stress-slaughtering, bottom-line-boosting custom software.

Development Resources

Partner with Appstrax for world-class development skills and get your complex custom software solution done…

Mobile App Development

Reach more people right in their pockets and speak to them any time you want.

AI Analytics

Gain business-transforming insights with AI analytics.

AI Product Development

Streamline your business processes with AI.

Blockchain Development

Gain from the revolutionary benefits of using blockchain for your business.

Booking System

Make sure payments don’t slip through the cracks, and you have full control of the…

Consignment Management Platform

Easily manage consignment and payments.

Crypto Development

Take your crypto development to the next level with our crypto expertise.

Custom WordPress Website

Get a WordPress website geared towards turning more visitors into customers.

Customer Portal

Offer customers an admin panel where you can easily manage them.

Desktop Office Software Integration

Integrate your desktop software, like spreadsheets, with other software for seamless operations.

Digital Marketing

The solution you need for drawing traffic to your website, long-term.

Ecommerce Website

Start selling online with a mobile-friendly website that integrates with multiple platforms.

Event Management App

Easily manage your event management business on the go.

Financial App

Take your financial business up a notch with an app that helps your clients manage…

Manufacturing Tracking App

Curb losses with an app that keeps track of your stock and materials.

OCR Platform

Easily turn reams of paper documents into digital assets, or offer OCR as a service…

Social Media Marketing

Invest in a social media strategy that does not hamper traffic from coming in once…

Student Management App

Manage your students with ease. Release products based on payment statuses. Offer subscriptions.

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