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Custom WordPress Website

Get a WordPress website geared towards turning more visitors into customers.

A WordPress website that looks dapper and is optimized to convert more website visitors into leads.

Own a WordPress Website That Gets You More Conversions

Why settle for a website that acts simply as a business card? That’s a waste of money. You could have a website that’s focused on turning more visitors into clients. Doesn’t that sound great? More calls, or more WhatsApp messages, or more email messages, or all of the above.

It's ALWAYS, ALL About Conversions

You’ll often hear that a website is an ancient relic of yesteryear, and that it’s no longer a viable way to market your company.

The funny thing is, your competitors, if they have websites, are probably quietly snickering at you for not investing in what they know works for bringing them tons of leads.

Websites are every bit as relevant as they used to be.

The problem is often not that websites don’t work, it’s that websites aren’t built correctly, leading to less than satisfactory results.

When you get a WordPress website from Appstrax, it’s optimized for performance. It’s made to convert more website visitors into leads.

And if your website doesn’t work once it’s launched, we can easily determine what the problem is, and bring a solution to the table.

That’s usually the second problem with most websites: their owners don’t know if they receive traffic, and what happens to that traffic once they arrive.

We know how to help you gain insights into how your website can be optimized to bring in more leads (or online sales).

Book a free discovery call and order your WordPress website today to enjoy more exposure.

It’s not rocket science, but if you don’t have an optimized WordPress website, you’ll lose out on sales. Period.

Furthermore, if you don’t know what’s cooking on your website-what brings in the leads; what they click once they arrive;what they search for on your site-you’re swimming in no particular direction in dark waters. You’re lost.

We’ll set up a WordPress website that looks great, works well on desktop and mobile, and shows you where people click your action buttons.

And if you need articles added to your WordPress website to drive more long-term traffic, Appstrax is the company to do it for you.

The Features

These are the features and benefits you’ll get from our custom WordPress development.

Optimized for Conversions

There is just no way you should opt for a WordPress website that’s not built to perform.

It makes about as much sense as playing baseball with a golf club.

It’s a swing and miss EVERY TIME if you don’t get yourself a conversion-driven website.

What does it mean to have a conversion-focused WordPress website?

It means your website focuses the attention on the main calls-to-action. There’s no fluff.

A conversion-focused It drives website visitors to take an action you want them to take.

If you need them to call you, we make sure your phone number is big, fat and bold.

If you want them to complete a form, we’ll make the form is as visible as a hammer in a stack of needles.

If you need them to email you, your email address will shout at them.

Where it concerns e-commerce, we make sure your products take center stage.

Of course, conversion-driven means everything is underpinned by sweet content geared towards enticing your website visitors to take a second look and take an action. We can help with that too. More content = more visitors over time.


Some WordPress websites load as fast as an ox-wagon with one wheel. That’s just not good enough.

Our WordPress websites load fast.

You can’t afford to frustrate your website visitors with a WordPress site that sucks their time.

You’ll notice trends in the online dev space.

Every year there’s some new trend, and it’s too attractive for WordPress devs to ignore, so they jump on it and ride that horse into the ground, along with the rest of the web.

One of the trends is Google Page Score.

Now, we’re not against the Google Page Score, but in our experience, this is a trend.

We don’t surf trends.

We keep to what works.

Because if you focus on trends, you miss the larger view.

You’re looking at a single tree while the forest is trying to sing you a ditty.

Here’s a GREAT trend to pursue: GET MORE SITE VISITORS AND CONVERT THEM into customers.

We make sure your WordPress website’s pages are fast, whether it conforms to a trend or not, to meet the goal of getting more conversions.

That’s a great tune you’ll gladly whistle along to.

Sensible Information Structures

Some WordPress devs smash together a website using only pages and posts.

It’s as if blog posts are enough for them to drive their clients’ content.

That’s not only lazy, it’s plain dumb.

Let’s take the case of the preeminent hospital we’ve built a site for.

A hospital has specific information structures: they have departments; they offer medical treatments; they offer medical procedures.

Now, you could chuck it all into one pot and put to boil; you know, build pages and write blog posts only. But put your lips to that concoction, and you’ll recoil at the taste.

Not only does a simplistic structure make it difficult to manage content (more on that, soon), it lets you miss out on valuable aspects like setting a sweet sitemap before the mighty Google, to name one of the things you miss out on.

On making it less difficult to manage content (and prevent a website from breaking)…

Let’s take the case of the hospital again.

They might opt to grant their employees access to the site, so they can post medical updates in the form of blog posts, treatments, procedures, and success stories.

Let’s say they have one person posting about treatments, another posting procedures, and another doing blog posts.

It’s more sensible to allow the person in charge of blog posts to only be able to do that.

Likewise, the person posting treatments should not have access to any other aspects of the site.

That way, you have control over who does what. It lessens the chance of a content creator posting something to the wrong information structure, which means you don’t have to stress about your site breaking.


If you’re so inclined, you have full access to your site, so you can edit to your heart’s content.

Want to add a blog post about your company’s latest achievement?

No problem.

Want to add more info to your about page? Perhaps you’ve had a significant year, so you’d like to extend the timeline data.


In our experience, few customers ever end up editing their own websites.

They prefer to outsource the work to us, paying a retainer for us to add relevant, well-crafted content to their site.

However, we do have some clients who do a sterling job of handling their own content.

One of our clients runs a successful online shop selling outdoor gear and non-lethal weapons.

They regularly upload new products and blog posts related to those products.

Their effort pays off in increased website traffic.

So the option is there.

However, if you see the benefit of adding fresh content regularly, but don’t have time to do so, we’re here to help.


It should go without saying, but your WordPress website will work on mobile.

But what does it mean to have a mobile-friendly website?

It goes beyond having a website that’s easy to read on a narrow screen.

It means we set up calls-to-action, buttons and forms in such a way that they take preference on a mobile screen.

For instance, it’s fine to have a contact form on the right of the screen when a website visitor is viewing the site on a desktop screen.

But that same form, shouldn’t it be as high up on the screen as possible, on a mobile screen?

Some people visit a website purely for getting contact information.

One of our clients owns a tow-in company. His website works fantastic for getting clients.

In his case, we added phone buttons to the top of the screen. It’s the first thing a website visitor sees.

Why is that?

A person stuck by the side of the road needs assistance NOW.

They don’t have time to sift through sections of data to get to a phone number.

They want to land on a website page and click a button.

That same person is not calling from a laptop. They have their mobile phone on them, and that’s where they’ll make the call from.

So the website is mobile-optimized to show the most important data first, which are a phone number and WhatsApp number.

That’s a proper mobile-friendly website.



SEO is a big thing.

Sometimes it’s made out to be more than it really is, though.

SEO consists of getting a few key principles right.

If the basics are kept to, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about penalties or drops in ranking.

The key is to keep getting the basics right.

We ensure that your website is search engine optimized.

This ensures that your site stands a good chance of ranking for whatever it is you’re selling.

I hate to break this to you, but SEO is not a Silver Bullet.

Even with a properly optimized site, there’s no guarantee that your website will perform well in search.

We’ve seen websites with appalling page-level SEO perform well in search.

The deciding factor in such cases is that their content is irresistible.

In a sense, content forms part of SEO, but there are SEO elements that should be implemented on all pages, which we do.

But even if we do, you’d still need a strategy to help your website perform well.

But before you even think of strategy, your SEO should be done right from the get-go.

We ensure that your basic SEO elements are in place, ready to help you climb the ladder of ranking success once you’ve decided on a strategy to get more traffic.


If you don’t know who visits your website, where they’re coming from and what they expect from your website, there’s no point in having a website.

We add Google Analytics to your website.

This allows you to view analytics any time you wish.

For a monthly fee we can set up a report that shows you important data, such as visitor count, popular pages, which CTA buttons or links were clicked, and where visitors are coming from.

We also set up your WordPress website with a search function that records what people search for when they use the search function on your site.

This is invaluable for making marketing decisions.

Many of our customers have benefited greatly from this feature, since it shows them what people expect them to sell.

How to Get Your WordPress Website

These are the steps to getting your mobile-friendly, speedy WordPress website.


Click the Order Now button, complete the form and pay the deposit. Remember, order through the form to get your 15% discount.


We mock up a design based on your requirements.

This includes working with the data structures that makes sense for your company.

It also includes adding the elements that’ll drive more conversions.


We send you the mockup for review.

If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, we change it.

You have up to three reviews.


Once you’re happy with your design, we take it to the web, in the form of a WordPress website.

We send you a temporary website link for review, once we’re done.

You have up to three reviews.


Once you’ve reviewed and you’re happy, you pay the balance.


Once you’ve settled the balance, we launch your site.

The Big Brag

To celebrate your new website, we brag about it on our website and social channels.

This comes with the added benefit of giving you some of the spotlight.

Continued Support

If you opt for one of our management packages, we make sure your WordPress website keeps humming.

Marketing Upsize

Need more traffic to your site?

Opt for one of our monthly marketing packages.

We add well-written, relevant content to your website on a monthly basis.

Done right, this produces more website traffic to your WordPress website, which should see more conversions.

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