The Power of Content: Building Long-Term Traffic for Your Website

This expert content strategy will knock the socks off search engines, causing your website to cruise to the top, from where it will pull traffic for a long time to come.

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You’ve got a website, but you’re seeing less traffic than a tortoise in the Mojave. You’d love to increase sales, and you’ve bought some Facebook and Google Ads.

The problem is, paid ads are expensive, and they seem to get more expensive with each day.

How can you get more traffic to your website over the long term and not fall victim to the whims of Facebook and Google’s pricing algorithms?

The answer is: you need to add great content to your website consistently.


Why add content to your website when everyone seems to be posting to Facebook?

Firstly, because posting to social media does not equate to success. There’s no benefit in getting likes and shares.

But when you add content to your website, you draw natural traffic for a long time to come.

Even if you stop posting to Facebook AND switch off paid advertising on Facebook and Google, you’ll still be getting people to contact you for your product or service.

This is called natural traffic. It’s traffic drawn with well-written content posted to your website.

It’s also referred to as long tail traffic. Long tail keywords are keywords perhaps less used, but offer a broad enough spectrum that, if done correctly, consistently brings in quality leads.

And the more leads you get, the more people contact you and the more sales you’ll make.

The bottom line is: expect quality traffic over a longer period of time, which is far better than if you focused on something like social media marketing alone.

How to do it

The way to turn your website into a traffic magnet over the long term is to load it with quality content.

We’re not talking a news article sporadically.

We’re talking loading your website like a My 600-lb Life participant loads their plate.

We’re talking consistently adding all your projects to your website with photos, explaining your clients’ problems and expounding on how you were their ultimate solution.

The buzz term is “tell a story”. It’s the latest way to say the same thing marketers have been saying for decades: tell people how you’re solving people’s concerns and how you can solve their problems too.

But maybe you’re not a natural storyteller. Perhaps the thought of typing a single word, much less a whole story, makes you shiver. Read on.

Aligning with the market

Where do you start your website content journey?

One of the first things you need to do is check which keywords you’d like to target in your online marketing efforts.

There’s no point targeting people looking for a donut delivery service when you sell hunting gear.

So, you’ll have to look at what you’re marketing, who you’re marketing to and what your competition looks like.

This’ll give you a good idea of how you can create a masterful content strategy to outperform your competitors.

You don’t have to DIY

But if you break out into a sweat just thinking of doing all of that, don’t worry.

That’s why we’re here.

We can help you create a content strategy that’ll KILL your opposition and help your website soar to the top of Google.

This will give you serious traffic gains and, consequently, more people contacting you for your product or service.

Why it’s better than social media

There are two main reasons this method beats a social media only approach:

  • Your social media post DROWNS in people’s feed.
    • One moment someone sees your offer, the next it’s gone, never to be seen again.
  • Likes and shares are worthless.
    • All those likes and shares floating around in cyberspace have no value if they don’t convert to leads. You’re wasting your time panting after them.

Long-term SEO

For consistent long-term SEO success, you can’t beat well created content consistently added to your website.

If money is no object for you, then you don’t have to worry about long-term SEO. You can just keep pumping cash into your paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

But if you would rather not fall victim to the whims of the advertising giants, you must look at building your own content kingdom.

That’s precisely what this strategy offers: the building of your country, where you’re the king and people do what you want them to do.

Combine it with paid advertising

The beauty of this approach of consistently adding great content to your website is that you can combine it with paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms.

It’s a fantastic approach to boost short-term traffic.

But where it outshines a social media only approach is that you can expect traffic in the long term even when you switch off paid advertising.

It’s a great way to combine short-term and long-term marketing goals.

Combine it with social media marketing

Another bonus of this approach is that you can combine it with social media.

Instead of posting directly to your Facebook page, add great content to your website and share that content to Facebook.

That way, you’re drawing people away from the distractions of Facebook onto a platform where you can sell to them according to your rules.

You can set up calls to action you want for your purpose.

Want people to phone you? Add a clear phone number all over your website.

Want them to email you? Add an email button.

Want them to complete a form to share their opinion with you? Have a form ready they can complete.

The point is, you won’t have to compete with ads and other people’s posts like you have to on Facebook.


If you want long term online marketing success, you’ll need more people visiting your website.

The way to get them there is to consistently add great content to your website and to combine your website with marketing campaigns.

We can help you set up your online marketing goals, create a content strategy, and populate your website with phenomenal content that’ll draw traffic for a long time.

Arrange a consultation and start getting more traffic and more leads.

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