How Long Does It Typically Take to Develop a Website?

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It can take as little as one day to create a website, but it depends on the scope of the WordPress project.

That’s for a business-card type website, which includes bare-bones details like your logo, phone number, email address and a little splurge about who you are.

If you order a website with three pages or more, it can typically take at least seven work days to complete the design.

That does not include the development of the site.

The more important aspect of your WordPress website is whether it’s built to spec, and is able to convert visitors optimally.

There’s no point in getting a website that’s not optimized for conversions. Furthermore, it’s also crucial to track events on your site. You need to know where your visitors are from, which pages they visit and what they’re looking for.

That’s why it takes long to set up a proper WordPress website. We take your long-term success into consideration. You don’t want a hit-and-run web design. You want your website to work at getting you more clients.

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