How Chasing Hundred Could Cost You Thousands

Web trends come and go, but success lies in meaningful content, user engagement, and tracking conversions, not chasing elusive scores.

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Once upon a time, the web was abuzz with a trend called XHTML. Everyone seemed to be in a race to display that coveted “XHTML Valid” badge at the bottom of their websites. It was like a fashion statement for web developers, even though it meant little to the average visitor.

In reality, your website didn’t have to be XHTML compliant. Who would scrutinize your code? You could proudly sport the badge, and nobody would be the wiser.

(Which makes you wonder: do websites claiming to “value your privacy” truly comply with the labyrinthine GDPR and similar regulations?)

Over the years, we’ve seen countless such trends come and go. Google, in its whimsical wisdom, often launches ideas into the web development world, almost like an ongoing April Fool’s prank.

Remember AMP? Google’s attempt to get a foothold in the social media race by coaxing websites into its ecosystem? Many of us played that game for a while, but eventually, we saw through it and focused on creating quality content that stood on its own, AMP or not.

Now, the latest trend is the Google Page Score, with web developers chasing that perfect 100 score as if nothing else matters. It’s reminiscent of the XHTML badge craze.

But here’s the truth: Don’t fall blindly for these trends. Incorporate sensible ones into your strategy, but don’t become obsessed. The allure of a shiny new toy fades, and there’s always a new high to chase.

What truly matters is ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly. However, don’t lose sight of crucial factors like conveying your message to your target audience and optimizing for conversions.

Tracking user actions is paramount. Knowing how visitors arrive, what they do on your site, and what they seek is more valuable than a perfect page score.

And here’s the real game-changer: Assign a dollar value to your website’s conversions. Understand the cost of a phone call, a WhatsApp message, or an email. If you sell online, know the true cost of each product sold.

These metrics far outweigh the obsession with metrics like “First Contentful Paint” and whatever Google throws at us next.

Chasing that elusive 100 score might blind you to the thousands you could be making. So, stay focused on what truly matters for your business’s success.

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