If Your Website Was Built by Someone Who Believes This Tripe, You’ve Been Duped

No wonder so many website owners think a website doesn't work!

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I’m seething a little.

Read this rubbish…

It’s different from websites because websites are for general information about your products or service, it’s not something that sells. Sales funnels are built to sell directly to your customer exactly what you have to offer.

That, to explain the difference between a sales funnel and a website.

What the????

A website, not a sales funnel?

No wonder people think websites don’t work!

If your website is not a sales funnel, or does not form part of a sales funnel, then what the heck is it?

Lemme guess…

You’re going to say it’s just a business card.

Well, slap me with some tar and call me a highway, Charlie, but that is wrong, wrong, wrong on as many levels as there are in the Chrysler Building.

What is a sales funnel?

Here’s an explanation from Wikipedia: The purchase funnel, or purchasing funnel, is a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates the theoretical customer journey toward the purchase of a good or service.

By that definition, a website MUST be a sales funnel, else you’re missing out on making, guess what… SALES!

Wasted opportunity

If your website doesn’t take the visitor on a journey towards buying something, why are you wasting valuable hosting space running the dang thing?

Get it off the net! You’re a pariah.

You’re stealing space from someone who wants to use their website for selling.

You have this website, and it possibly has a million bells and whistles, but not a single call to action?

Not any way for anybody to see what you have to offer, AND follow up?


It’s all funnel

Every single page on a website is a potential sales tool.

Making your website SEO friendly, and adding content to it, gives it a chance to rank in Google, which could act as the top of the sales funnel.

Your ABOUT page, for the love of neighbor, could be a sales funnel.

Your contact page should be a funnel.

Even an article on your website could be a potential funnel.

Granted, not every sales funnel works the same.

That means that not every website will look the same. But neither do “dedicated sales funnels”.


Don’t believe this stuff, people. These are folks who want you to think that your website is supposed to be a static business card, so they can sell you a “sales funnel”.

Sales funnels have a place, but your website most certainly could perform the task of a sales funnel, and must.

Get yourself a real website with REAL calls-to-action and make it part of your sales funnel.

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