Angel Aspirations

Angel Aspirations creates security devices using cutting-edge technology.

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Angel Aspirations makes a range of personal safety devices used to protect and track.

Their three offerings currently include:

  • Car Angel
  • Asset Angel
  • Angel Alert

Car Angel is an independent, compact vehicle monitoring device that’s easy to self-install.

Asset Angel is a personal security device you can attach to any fixed asset. It detects movement and light, and can notify up to ten people. It also has an alarm, and features GPS tracking, as well as full location history.

Angel Alert is a compact panic button a person can carry on them. If the carrier finds themselves in an emergency, they can activate the device and an alert is sent along with their location.

We built Angel Aspirations a mobile app for their applications.

Get in touch if you need a highly complex mobile app. With our expertise we’re able to build you exactly what you need.

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