Code Capsules

Code Capsules is a platform that consolidates backend, frontend and database development, allowing MEAN stack devs to build, deploy and scale from a single place.

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Code Capsules was born from a need for a consolidated development environment for stack developers.

The old way for MEAN/MERN/MEVN stack developers to build, deploy and scale an app requires a number of services.

For instance, the backend required Heroku, the frontend Netlify and the database Atlas.

Code Capsules simplifies the whole process and eliminates software sprawl by offering MEAN/MERN/MEVN stack developers a single platform where they can build, deploy and scale their backends, frontends and databases.

Code Capsules plugs into your GitHub account, from where you pull your code and deploy.

Furthermore, Code Capsules allows development teams to work on any number of projects. A team leader can control access to an app, ensuring higher security.

Appstrax built the whole platform Code Capsules runs off. It’s a completely custom software solution that required high levels of expertise.

If you have a custom software need, get in touch.

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