Ocean Premium

Ocean Premium rents water toys to super yachts.

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Ocean Premium rents water toys, including seabobs, eFoils, yacht slides, and aqua parks, to super yachts.

They needed an online presence for their rental service, and had a WordPress website built with a WordPress rental order plugin.

Unfortunately, the plugin couldn’t deliver on their needs, and they frequently missed payments.

They approached us with their problem, and after doing a discovery, we opted to build them a custom booking system.

The result is a system used for their bookings that interacts with their WordPress website seamlessly.

The WordPress is their public-facing market engine. The reason for this is that WordPress is excellent for SEO and content marketing.

But instead of using a cockeyed half-baked WordPress booking plugin, their new custom booking system is perfectly tailored to their booking needs, which means they don’t have to make WordPress jump through hoops to ensure payments don’t get lost.

It’s the perfect blend.

On one hand. WordPress has always been a phenomenal marketing CMS, so there’s no need to rebuild their website. In fact, using a custom solution might actually harm their SEO.

But in some cases, WordPress simply does not offer a viable solution for a complex problem.

In this case, the WordPress booking plugin was not up to the task, and cost the company plenty of monetary loss, and many headaches.

By marrying our custom booking system with a system known for SEO and marketing excellence, the client gets the best of both worlds.

If you’re struggling with a booking system that simply won’t do as you want, and you’re losing money and sleep over it, get in touch with us. We’ll give you a custom booking system that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t come to us in the first place.

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