Why You Should Be Investing in Web Design NOW!

Investing in web design means more than aesthetics. It's about engaging users, enhancing SEO, and standing out in a mobile-centric world. Let Appstrax elevate your online presence. Get noticed today.

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With businesses moving to the online space, it’s essential to have a website that customers can find you when looking for products or services that you offer.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, the final costs to develop your website can be quite high, leaving few or no budget to invest in the design.

This can be a problem. If you think about the physical world, what is a store without an attractive shop window that invites pedestrians to enter?

The same logic applies to the online world: if you don’t have a good-looking website to attract visitors to visit and navigate through your pages, you don’t sell.

That’s why you should be investing in web design now. A well-designed, easy to navigate, and customer-centric website increases the likelihood of returning visitors and converting sales.

However, having people clicking “place order” is not the only reason for investing in modern web design. There are a few other reasons to motivate you to invest in web design.

Keep Up With Technological Advancements

As you well know, technology is an ever-evolving sector and a critical place to concentrate your energy if you want your online presence to convert sales.

Due to the nature of technology, new trends are frequently emerging. If they are adopted quickly, they can keep you ahead of the competition.

Modern Design Can Improve Website Ranking

In the field of SEO (search engine optimization), search engines continually update their algorithms based on the constant-changing user behaviors.

For this reason, website owners like you need to quickly adopt the new standards to keep your website ranking on top of the search results pages.

Using a modern design can help you maintain your ranking position or even increase it. An avant-garde design takes into consideration the user experience and website navigability.

These are two areas that contribute to your overall ranking score because they take into consideration many factors like page loading speed and mobile website performance.

Companies usually overlook these two areas because they tend to focus only on getting the right keywords to improve ranking.

However, even if you get customers to visit your website, once they land there and encounter a poorly-designed website, they will bounce immediately.

Therefore, you should take this chance and invest in your web design now. A well-designed website provides a better experience for visitors, motivates them to stay longer and to become returning visitors.

High-tech Solutions Are The New Thing in UX

A second area that you should consider is using high-tech solutions in your web design.

To stand out from the crowd, it’s crucial that your website provides a meaningful, interactive, and exciting experience that keeps visitors navigating through your webpages.

That’s why companies like Volkswagen are leveraging interactive 3D to showcase their automobiles. Visitors can learn about models and customize parts of the vehicles.

This interactive experience keeps visitors “hooked” into the website, playing around with the customization tools.

It also increases social sharing by highly engaged visitors who want to showcase the personalized car they just created to their peers. This is organic and “free” word-of-mouth for your business.

Interactive 3D is just the first ladder towards state-of-the-art web design.

Companies are already considering implementing high-tech solutions to their website like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR).

It’s undeniable the value that those technologies can add to the design of your website and to the ultimate customer experience.

The adoption of high-tech solutions in web development is still in its early stages. Therefore, now it’s the best time to stand out from the crowd with high-tech web design.

Web Design for A Mobile-Centric World

How many times do you check websites right from your mobile phone?

With the continuous growth of mobile devices accessing websites, you need to build a mobile-first website.

An iPhone user has a different screen compared to an android user. As a result, their experience with your website won’t be the same.

Therefore, your website must be optimized to cover the full spectrum of mobile screens available in the market.

The web optimization should take into consideration not only technical requirements, but also how the website will look like in different screen formats.

According to Microsoft, our attention span has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds since mobile devices started to appear and rapidly dominate our lives in the year 2000.

How can you catch people’s weak attention? That’s where web design comes in.

A well-designed website is of paramount importance to ensure you catch people’s attention and keep them engaged for long enough to present your service and product offerings.

The first impression of your website matters to keep visitors hooked. That’s why great visual design is essential for your business.

Explain Complex Offerings in Plain Language

As with all businesses, what sets you apart from your competition, is generally also what complicates your business process.

Insurance, software development, data management are examples of complex services offerings that are difficult to translate in the web.

That’s why investing in good design will ensure that your service offerings are translated in a clear, engaging, and user-friendly way to your potential customers to take action.

Besides having a good UI (user interface) with a few clear steps to get action,  you must ensure that your website loads fast to drive visitors to get a quote, place an order, or book an appointment easily.

It’s not easy to translate products and services into website elements. For this reason, your website designer will help you brainstorm your business processes and translate them into a UI and UX design that is easy to understand.

Brainstorming is a critical exercise for both the web designer and you because it allows for the understanding of the service offering, exchange of knowledge, and streamlining of website flow.

At Appstrax Technology, before starting any development with our clients, we go over a Discovery Phase where the brainstorming takes place. This phase ensures that we deliver the best solution based on our client needs.

Final Thoughts

Building a new website can be a costly investment for your pocket, but it doesn’t mean you should skip the design.

Having a modern web design can help you to translate complex services in a clear manner to meet a mobile-centric audience, enhance your SEO efforts,  and If combined with high-technology, it can give you that competitive advantage that will make your business stand out.

Moreover, investing in a good website design will help you to generate more website traffic of new and returning customers and generate word-of-mouth.

Overall, it will improve your online presence and stimulate growth for your business.

At Appstrax Technology, we take the design one step further by involving our website developers and our specialized website designers in the same room.

In this way, we ensure cohesion among the teams and that the best tools and standards are used to deliver you a top quality website.

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