Elevate Your Brand: The Impact of a Professional Website on Trust, Visibility, and Business Growth

You're the boss, so it's your website designed the way you like it. And it's geared towards getting you more leads.

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Your social media posts seem to receive plenty of likes and shares, giving the impression that your social media marketing is bearing fruit.

But you hardly have a presence on search engines, and you’re still using a Gmail email account.

This looks unprofessional and sometimes downright sketchy.

If you’d like to earn more trust, you need a website.

Have you any idea how much traffic search engines can send your way if you have a good website?

But won’t a new website be expensive?

Well, you get what you pay for. Better to pay a premium and get a great, mobile-friendly website that’s properly SEOd, than pay peanuts and get a monkey’s you-know-what.

Looks great

When you get us to build you a website, you get a custom design.

It’s fresh, and it’s geared towards getting more people to do what you want them to do, which is contact you.

But ultimately, even though we can advise you as to what’s best practice in the online marketing world, you’re the boss. You have the final say over what your website looks like.

Is lean

Your website will be mobile-friendly, which means it’ll fit onto any size screen: desktop, mobile or tablet.

It’s been many years since mobile-friendly, and indeed mobile-first, design hit the online world, and it swamped everything with its common-sense approach to web design.

If your website’s not mobile friendly, you’ll lose out on website visitors.

That’s because Google likes mobile-friendly websites, which means that, if you want Google to enjoy your website, it must be mobile-friendly.

Loads quickly

Do you like waiting tens of seconds for a web page to load? Of course not!

You get irritated and leave if you know there’s an alternative.

It’s the same for other internet users.

If they land on your website and a page takes too long to load, they’ll leave.

That’s why we build your website to run as fast as possible. That means hosting it on an SSD server, and using caching plugins.

That way, website visitors won’t get irritated with your website because it takes forever to load, which means they’ll stick around longer and more of them will become clients.

Loved by people

Have you ever come across a website that makes absolutely no sense?

You’re not certain how the owner of the website expects you to make contact or where you can see their products or services.

How does a website like that make you feel? Frustrated, right?

Your website will be loved by people. They’ll easily find the information they need to help them make informed decisions about your product or service. And it’ll be easy for them to contact you.

Loved by bots

People are hung up on social media, but they forget that Google and other search engines send immense amounts of traffic to websites they rank highly.

If your site’s not optimized, you might be tossing huge amounts of traffic in the bin.

That’s why it’s important to get a website that’s search engine optimized.

We make your website as loveable as possible using all the legal SEO tactics in the book.

And if you want a long-term content creation strategy involving the creation of content to help drive more traffic to your site, take a look at our content marketing service. It’s a slow burn approach to climbing the search engine rankings (but it can be expedited with ad campaigns).

Keeps you in the loop

This, in our opinion, is THE most significant aspect of great web design: knowing what brings people to your site, which pages they use, what they do when they’re on your website and what they’re looking for.

Without knowing what website visitors do, you’re doomed to play the guessing game, which is tragic because knowing the right things makes your website market oriented.

In other words, if you don’t know what website visitors expect your website to deliver, you can’t orient your website towards delivering on people’s needs.

However, if you know what people are after, you can make marketing decisions based on their needs. This WILL land you more business.

That’s why your website comes with Google Analytics, as well as a weekly report that’s emailed to you (but to which you have access whenever you wish).

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people are searching for. That gives incredible insight into people’s expectations.

In conclusion

You could continue marketing only through social media. It’s cheap, even free in some cases.

But you’re missing out on an element of trust a website adds to your brand.

You’re also missing out on a good amount of traffic from search engines.

Therefore, it’s time you got yourself a website.

However, it needs to be a good-looking, practical website that runs fast, makes it easy for people to get hold of you and shows you what website visitors do when they visit.

That’s why you need a website from us.

Get in touch now for a great website.

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