Wix Tells You It’s Easy to Build Your Own Website, but Here Are 5 Reasons You’ll Truly Suck at It

Self-help web design services have become all the rage. What they don't tell you is that you don't know the first thing about SEO, content structures or online marketing, if that's not your game, and that you should make use of someone who does.

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Get a Conversion-Focused WordPress website

Wix lets you build your own website, but unless you’re a web developer, you’ll have some serious missteps. The worst is, you won’t know you’re missing out. Rather get the experts to build you a conversion-focused WordPress websites that turns more visitors into customers.

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We’re avalanched by Wix ads on the World Wide Web.

They target us everywhere, most notably on YouTube, using celebs to try to convince us to sign up for their service.

If you don’t know what it is, Wix is a DIY website builder that lets you build a website, drag-and-drop style.

Their ads have one goal, and that’s to convince every Tom, Dick and Henrietta that it’s easy to build their own website.

Let me be clear: Wix is not the problem; you are (cough!). Wix’s service is OK. Usable. But just because they claim it’s easy to create a website, that doesn’t mean it’ll turn you into a superb online marketer.

Just as you wouldn’t walk into the nearest Toyota factory and demand access to their production line, so you can build your own truck, so you shouldn’t think you’re able to build a website, just because you run your own business.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to get us to build you a website, rather than do it yourself.

You’ll use sesquipedalian language

We frequently see it.

Websites loaded with corporate claptrap that doesn’t make sense in any language; sites built by owners so desperate to impress visitors they forget their purpose is to serve the client, not trumpet their greatness.

There’s a right way to converse with website visitors, and then there’s the self-congratulatory drivel sure to bore your visitors to death.

Get this wrong and you’ll lose custom.

Your design will be terrible

Your Wix dashboard grants you access to all sorts of bells and whistles.

You’ll feel like you’re designing a Christmas party invitation for someone who has their birthday on the same day.

It’ll be a sensory overload.

You’ll probably drown your one important message in a thousand colors, fonts, moving backgrounds and other paraphernalia.

You’ll stand back and think it’s the most beautiful website in the world, but when website visitors land on it, they have to fight the urge to wipe their screens with acid.

Your SEO will suck

What on earth do you know about titles, descriptions, copy and other aspects of SEO?

Unless you’re in the online marketing game, probably not much.

This is the type of stuff you leave to experts.

Granted, we’ve long had a hatred of titles like SEO guru or SEO ninja. SEO is not supposed to be a Gnostic cult.

But there are certain SEO elements you just won’t know of, or will forget about.

You won’t have automated syndication

One of the key ingredients of our marketing package is automated syndication.

This allows you to post to the website we set up for you and have the content go out to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and an email newsletter automatically.

Not sure if Wix offers this functionality, but even if they do, it’s your problem. You must set it up.

When you work with us, we make it our concern.

You won’t get expert guidance

We walk the distance for and with our customers. It’s insanely important that our customers know we’re not a distant entity looking on to see if they’ll fail or succeed.

And even though we don’t know everything, we know enough to help to those who want an impactful online presence.

We make it our business to cultivate two groups of people: customers who can’t believe the good service and products we provide, and competition who can’t stand that we offer these things.


Certainly, use Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Ezywebs, Duda or any of the other self-help website builders out there.

But remember what you’re NOT getting by getting what you want.

Alternatively, let us build you a website that looks great, speaks the right language AND auto-posts to social media and a newsletter.

We’re your perfect companion. Get on board now to enjoy the benefits.

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