Your App Shouldn’t Be a DIY Project

Just because you can build your own mobile app, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

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You’ve got this idea for an app buzzing around in your head, but you don’t know how to turn that annoying zZzZZz into reality.

So, you crank up Google, do a search for app development, and are met by a liberal sprinkling of Google Ads advertising DIY app builders.

Great idea! DIY your app!

You click through to the website, and the Acme DIY App Company assures you that building an app is as easy as scoffing down a donut.

Would they lie to you???

They prompt you to create an account, and you’re led to the app creation dashboard.

It’s not that easy

All right… Here we go…

Just pull this lever here until the green light turns aquamarine blue…

No, that’s aqua blue. It needs to be aquamarine blue. Rookie mistake.

Then you toggle the red button to exactly 324.355245 degrees in an exact time of 9.423632 seconds.

Sorry, that took 9.4236321 seconds. Almost had it, though!

While the green light turns blue, activate the sequential octolowhacktamagifter to coincide with the waning crescent moon, while turning the geneapicalliphrasal laser key with your left big toe.

You decide to do what any hardened human does when in this situation: ball yourself up in the corner of your shower and wail about your childhood.

No, DIY app building is not that easy, and it’s not cost-effective. Just like you wouldn’t ask Tesla for access to their factory, so you can build your own car, you shouldn’t approach app building as a DIY project.

Get a pro app dev on your side

What you need is a dedicated app developer that understands your needs, works to scope, and delivers a quality app on time, ready for you to launch into the market, hassle-free.

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